Big and automatic motorbikes for rent

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So you have arrived to Dumaguete City and looking to rent a decent motorbike? In these guidelines we’ll advice you on what is available and what you can expect in renting a motorbike in Dumaguete.

There are a few types of motorbike for rent in Dumaguete City.

Honda XRM

This is the most commonly used semi-automatic motorbikes for rent here in Dumaguete City. Natives preferably offer Honda XRM motorbikes for rent because the price is cheap.

new honda xrm

Honda XRM owners usually change motorbike parts: muffler, engine, bulb, wheels, carburetor, etc. for more “fancy” looks. They usually have it reconditioned for it to look good as new again but the performance of it is worse because of the non-authentic parts replaced. Here in Dumaguete City, mostly available motorbikes for rent are Honda XRM, and it’s not a guarantee to motorbikes rentees that it’s really a HONDA XRM motorbike (it’s maybe just a name painted on the motorbike). Worst case scenario is it can malfunction while you are in the middle of nowhere and cannot find any solution to have it work again.

This is how a typical fancy Honda XRM can look on Dumaguete streets:

modified honda xrm

modified honda xrm

In renting a motorbike here in Dumaguete City, you need to check the papers of the motorbike, like what is the manufacture date of the motorbike, the mileage of it, etc. and better to try to rent a motorbike just for a couple of days before have it rented in long term. Better be careful in getting Honda XRM because there’s a very high possibility that shop owners already modified the motorbike, its mileage, etc. Be observant and knowledgeable enough to rent a motorbike in Dumaguete. Honda XRM motorbike for rent in Dumaguete is about P400-450.00/per day.

Honda Beat, Yamaha Mio, Suzuki Nex

Honda Beat, Yamaha Mio and Suzuki Nex are small automatic motorbike here in Dumaguete City for rent that is suitable for small to medium guys. Almost all dimension and features of these type of motorbikes for rent here in Dumaguete are the same from weight to wheels and seat size and others parts. Those motorbikes will give you almost the same driving experience if you rent these types of motorbikes in Dumaguete. This motorbike is good when you are driving just around the City.

Locals from town do not usually buy these types of motorbike. For it won’t suit on their daily activity. And, also like Honda XRM people who have this kind of motorbikes in downtown area in Dumaguete City tend to change parts of this motorbikes. You can rent this type of motorbike here in Dumaguete, though the number of it is smaller, and it’s not always available, as the most common motorbike for rent in Dumaguete is Honda XRM.

These motorbikes are good for rent here in Dumaguete City area as long as the parts of it are not changed or modified and the motorbike is still newer. This type of the motorbike is more sensitive compare to manual type of motorbikes. There is no luck that you can have good drive experience if you trying to rent this motorbike for rent here in Dumaguete and drive off-road. The prices for this motorbike for rent here Dumaguete is ranging from P400-450.00/per day.

Honda Beat

Yamaha Mio

The seat of this type of motorbike is narrow. If you drive long hours you can feel that you butt and back is hurting. So big guys, this motorbike is not meant for you.

Big motorbikes for rent in Dumaguete

Unfortunately, no one offers for rent this kind of big, manual, clutch and shift type of motorbikes in Dumaguete. It is more expensive and motorbike owners prefer to give for rent what they use the most: smaller, semi-automatic kind of motorbike, notably Honda XRM.

You won’t find any shop offering big motorbikes for rent in Dumaguete, besides us. We have Yamaha big type of motorbike available for rent.

Things to know before renting a motorbike in Dumaguete City

Driver’s license – motorbike owners will always ask about original valid driver license before giving the motorbike. And, also they will ask you to deposit at least one valid ID and this ID will be return upon the return of the motorbike.

Motorbike registration paper (updated) – it is your right to ask motorbike’s complete papers and updated registration (photocopy) to have it with you to avoid problem when there is traffic police check point.

Police – here in Dumaguete traffic police officer won’t stop you just on the road. Rather, they organize a check point and stop every vehicle passing by. It is rare that there will be a check point on the road. But for assurance, you just need to have all the above mentioned documents for your convenience.

Exchanging the motorbike – in some cases that you want to exchange your motorbike with another unit because its malfunctioning or doesn’t feel good when driving, there can be times that the owners don’t want to exchange motorbike for free or return money.